Monday, January 23, 2012

The Magic of a Youthful Heart

Some gnomes have a youthful spirit about them, which is gnoticeable from the moment you meet them. Anygnome can watch the young ones, but it takes a youthful heart to bring magic into their lives, and that's exactly what this little soul does. Gnever before have I seen somegnome who is able to turn everyday items into imaginative toys as well as she can. A pair of gnylons may seem like outdated garments to you, but to this lady and her band of gnomelings, they're helmets and hockey sticks! Her magic can turn a make-up case into a working cell phone and a pill box into a wonderful tool for even the youngest of would-be-doctors to dispense medicine to their trusting patients. It takes a particularly youthful soul to add such magic to the lives of so many gnomelings, but it takes an extremely joyful one to do so while always greeting you with a smile, even long before the sun begins to show his happy own face each day. I wonder if it's the strong cup of imaginary coffee she gets every morning that gives her the energy she always seems to have. Whatever her secret is, I hope she knows that the effects of her smiles and magic can be felt across the entire garden and that she will always be appreciated for it.

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  1. You have such an amazing talent and always make each an every gnome a work of art. I love love love popping by your fab blog to see each of your little newbies. Thanks for making it such a great place to visit.
    Warmest best wishes,