Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Determined Little Bug

After 5 seasons in the Gnome Scouts, this bright young gnomeling is well known for showing others in the community all the traits that gnomes hold dear. Honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, gnomehood and confidence... well I could go on and on. Oh, did I mention determination? If there ever has been a determined gnome, it would be this young gnomeling. She always strives to do one good thing everyday and can often be found making crafty projects with her brother or helping him when he gneeds a gentle gnudge. That's just what she does in her spare time, as it seems that she's always zipping hither and thither creating gnew things, like putting her favorite photos into scrapbooks for all her friends to see, or painting a pretty picture of the garden for her loved ones. You gname it, she can do it. She's just THAT crafty. She's just THAT resourceful. She's just THAT determined.

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