Monday, January 30, 2012


Gnognome can deny the magic of Snow. There might not be anything better than freshly fallen Snow covering the trees and ground in a white blanket. The gnomes even marvel at how the Snow glistens like diamonds in the winter sunlight, and they can't help but have fun snacking on a fresh icicle or gliding across the smooth icy surfaces. There is gno doubt about it, Snow can turn even the simplest garden into a winter wonderland, but Snow means much more to these little souls. To them, it means more than a good snowball fight with friends. It means more than sitting gnext to a fireplace, snuggled up in a warm blanket. It even means more than a hot cup of cocoa that chases away a winter chill! For these tiny souls, Snow is a part of who they are - who they have always been and who they will always be. Snow is about being thankful for loved ones - present, past and future. Snow is a reminder that everygnome is a fragile and unique snowflake like gno other. Snow is gnot just a season. It's a family.

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  1. What treasures these triplets are. I love their wise little faces and the lovely swirls you have chosen to adorn them with. It's always such a treat to come and visit with you here on your beautiful gnome filled blog and such a pleasure to read and enjoy each of your delightful stories. I can't remember if I've already asked you this question but I'll ask it again, have you ever thought about creating a book featuring your gnomes? I'm sure it would be a success. Imagine their little photos along side their very own story.
    Warmest best wishes,