Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tooth Fairy Helper

Most children get visits from Tabitha Tooth Fairy when they lose a tooth. As you can imagine, she's quite busy finding and collecting those lost teeth. Though she splits her time as equally and fair as she can, there simply isn't enough time to spend much with every individual child. However, every gnow and then she hears about a child who is particularly special and sends one of her closest friends to help. Only a particularly kind hearted child with a tender soul deserves such tooth fairy helpers. As for the helper? Well she's absolutely thrilled to be able to spend time with such an amazing child! She's honored to be given such a task. She patiently watches over the child and keeps misplaced teeth safe until Tabitha has the chance to stop by for her standard exchange. Every child has heard of the Tooth Fairy, but only a select few know about her best friends. Lucky you to be one of them!

1 comment:

  1. I love your Tooth Fairly Helper, she's beautiful and the little tooth carrier on her back is gorgeous. In France the children are not visited by the Tooth Fairy. Here,when teeth are left for collection, it's a little mouse who comes and takes their teeth away, leaving a little token of thanks in it's place. I wonder whether other countries have different helpers too?
    Once again it's been a treat to meet another of your gorgeous gnomes. Thanks for sharing.
    Warmest best wishes,