Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buckets of Love

Everygnome knows that there is plenty of love in the garden. There is enough to go around and then some. It seems that you can find love in just about every gnook and cranny and in every corner of the garden. Perhaps it's because of this little soul? He loves to go to the Tree of Love and pick its wonderful fruit, gathering as much love as he possibly can. Once his buckets are as full as they can get, perhaps even overflowing, he wanders around the garden dropping warm loving thoughts along the way. Some thoughts might be of confidence while others are of wisdom and courage. Some make you feel warm and snuggly and others make you want to giggle. Regardless of the variety, he plants a seed of love with every step he takes. Gneed a little love yourself? Well, here he comes with a bucket full just for you!

This giving soul was inspired by my favorite Etsy artist, LoxlyHollow. Here is her Gathering Love print that I adore.

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  1. He is super cute and the tiny hearts are lovely too. Are they felted or made from polymer clay. It's difficult to tell from the photo. I had a just before Christmas, making some tiny needle felted hearts. I used a tiny heart shape cutter mould and was soooo pleased with the way that they turned out.
    Warmest best wishes,