Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Call of the Sea

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful soul who traveled across the big pond to be with her love. Their love was pure from the start as she never kept anything from him. The gnomazing thing to me is that even though he knew things would not be all sunny and cheery, he fell in love with her anyway. He didn't let her tiny body limit the magic he saw in her big soul. Though they were very happy together, he asked her one day if she would like to go back home. Back home? Oh, wouldn't that be grand? She had loved seeing this new garden, but she missed her family and friends. She missed her hot sunny days and her cool salty water. There was just something about the ocean that was calling her home, and so they returned to her beloved home, together. Gnow, in the comfort of their sandy home, when he asks "where would you like to go today?" she giggles and says "to the beach so I can wear a grass skirt and coconuts!" I guess it goes to show you that if we let the heart be our guide and gnot our minds, all will be well. I’d say... THE END at this point but it’s gnot... gnot THE END... so... TO BE CONTINUED... as is Life.

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