Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Growing Up

This lovely lady has a special gift. She can help things grow. She has one of the prettiest flowerbeds in the garden, though she might not be willing to admit it. Sometimes she finds it hard to keep up with the challenge of tending to her flowers, but that is only because she is busy helping others things grow too. Her flowerbed has beautiful purple, maroon, white, and blue flowers every summer to welcome her Love, her friends, and her grown gnomelings home. They all gnotice how beautiful she has made these flowers grow. Her amazing talents aren't just seen in her tiny garden either. Oh no siree! She has a talent for helping young gnomelings grow too. This lady made it her life's ambition to teach her gnomelings how to be big in a garden that expects them to be so small. After all, she wanted to give them the best start they could possibly have. I know I'm grateful for it! Even after her young ones grew up and started having families of their own, she has always been there for them AND her grandgnomes! Gnot only that, but gnow she decided to be a teacher and continue to share her love and talents to help other gnomes grow too. Everygnome is blessed to have this lady in their lives as they bloom under her love and guidance! I know I grew into the gnome I am today because of her.

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