Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gneed For Speed

From the moment this little fella learned to balance on his very first slug as a young gnomeling, he was hooked. He caught the bug - the Gneed for Speed bug. So he searched for ways to go faster and faster. The sensation of movement as he leaned to round a corner was exhilarating! He wanted, gno wait, he GNEEDED more speed so when he was big enough he traded his slug in for something faster - a CBR1000RR snail with a 1000 cubic mm shell. If you asked him, there really is gnothing better than the feeling of becoming "one" with the snail. The little speedster loves feeling the fresh open air all around gnomeself, as he takes in the surrounding aroma of the elements... well let's just say there is gnothing like snail riding!

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