Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brave Little Knight

Once upon a garden there lived a little gnomeling who was so much bigger than the garden allowed him to be. He loved to go on tiny adventures and thought of himself as being a brave soul. He may be tiny, but he loved to pretend that he was as big as any other gnome in the garden. One day while playing outside, he found a shield and a sword. "Oh this is perfect!" he thought. "This is just what I gneed to prove to the rest of the gnome community that I am big and brave like them." The excited little soul rushed to the center of the garden to show the others his new found courage. As soon as the elders saw his excitement they knew he was ready, and in perfect timing. With his daddy starting to work more and more, moving to a gnew corner of the garden, and having a gnew baby in the gnest, this little soul definitely gneeds to be a strong, brave little knight! Oh he's ready for the challenge! He's ready to be a big brother! "I'm so brave, I can protect any soul smaller than me!" Silly little gnome. We always knew that.

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