Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bee Happy

This little gnomette has found herself surrounded by bees! It seems that everywhere she looks, the bees are peeking around a corner over there or a tree over there. She isn't scared, though, because she is a beekeeper and happens to think the peeking bees are the cutest buzzing little bodies in the entire garden! All the flowers in the garden depend on the bees and while other gnomes may be scared of them, she understands that they are a gift to the garden. How does a small gnome get involved with such a job? It was her Love who always wanted to be a beekeeper, but only together were they able to make his dream into a reality. Gnot only that, but they gnow want to make it their lives! How exciting! Everything about the bees can be used to keep the gnome community healthy and happy and this pair of loving gnomes are going to show the others how wonderful bees can be. They want everygnome to bee happy. I think they bees are happy too!

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