Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lots of Luck & Love

Some souls gneed a little extra attention and patience and it takes a particularly special gnome to be able to provide it for them. Gnever before have there been three souls as special as these. There is a boy who gneeds this extra level of gnurturing, and these three ladies have not hesitated to step up to the challenge. One of the ladies is his mommy and oh my gnomes does she feel lucky to have him in her life. A sweet older gnomette watches over the boy in after the sun rises in the morning. She's his guardian angel, I'm sure and has been caring and loving from the moment she saw the boy. She practically took him in as a grandgnomeling! Finally, the young gnomette - she's very understanding and patient with teaching, caring and gnurturing. There is gno doubt that all three of these kind souls have done a great job doing their best to teach the little boy. He is so lucky to be so loved, and they in turn are lucky to be loved by him. In my humble opinion, all three of these souls deserve as much luck and love as the garden can provide. Words can not say "Thank you" enough.

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