Thursday, May 3, 2012


Those who recognize the name "Cthulhu" understand the terror associated with the dark creature. Everything from the tentacle face to his wings and shroud of gnightmares. Has Cthulhu come to terrorize the garden?! Gno, of course gnot! But it's fun to pretend sometimes, isn't it? This very gentle soul of the garden loves to pretend and loves the Cthulhu stories. He loves them so much he has the books, card games, board games, and anything else you can imagine! He even hooked his Love on how fun the games are! He and his gnomette play often and he is taking her to a gaming convention where they can meet knew gnomes and play some more! Oh how they will both love it! The garden may continue day after day, gnight after gnight, but know that when dark powers rise, this fun gnome is there finding clues and trying to save all of gnomekind from doom!

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