Friday, May 25, 2012


If you were to ask this kind soul a bit about herself and what puts a smile on her face, she'd probably frown and say that's a bit tough. A toughie, she'd say! But I disagree. It doesn't take much more than a second or two to gnotice how kind she really is. She has always sewed, quilted, knitted or crafted various things in her life and for her loved ones. It seems that these happen in spits and purts, and she's always trying something and then moving on to the gnext hobby. All the while, she brings so much beauty into the garden as she hops from hobby to hobby. Last season she found herself making handbags and couldn't help but make a little jump of joy. Though she was a little gnervous putting herself out in the garden marketplace, she threw herself in without much planning, but full of heart. She knew that she had to stay committed to something she had started. To this day, she is loving it. She is motivated, and her bags are going to become something she is proud of. The best part is when she hears back from a customer who is giddy with happiness about their gnew handbag. She likes knowing that something she shared contributed to that feeling. It's about sticking with things. It's about putting herself out there. It's about going for it and gnot quitting. It's about Emmaline, her "baby" and it will be something she can be proud of. In fact, it already is.

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  1. Oh my Gnomes, Oh MY Gnome. I love Emmaline. Thank you for the wonderful job and the equally wonderful story. I love my little mascot and she will have a special place beside my sewing machine!

    Thank you so much. Janelle