Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flutter Love

This friendly and bubbly soul loves to be outside tending to her garden. She adores the butterflies that flutter around her. They make her think of her love and she can't help but smile. Her tummy even fills with butterflies and warm cozy thoughts. They met through mutual gnomey friends and at first glance you might have been suprised that they hit it off. She has always been very talkative and bubbly, where as he is not. From the beginning, though, they've complimented each other splendidly. Even now, they make each other laugh like they're just young gnomlings frolicking in the woods. A LOT. Sometimes I have to roll my eyes at them because gneigther one is good at making decisions. They will always deferr to the other until somegnome else is forced to choose for them. Afterwards, her eyes meet with her love's and they have to stifle a giggle. Life is good when you're in love.

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