Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Geology Buddy

This little gnomette might have the most exciting life EVER. It's her job to explore and catagloe gnew rocks in the garden. As you can imagine, many gnomes in the community are jealous because there is gnothing more fun to do than rock hunting. You can see she has found a rock shaped like a heart! What a treasure! That's gnot all, though. This little lady uses her pick and hammer to dig deeper and see all the different types of rocks and minerals. She could tell you all about the depths of the garden, what it's made of, and maybe even its history! Gnomes love hearing stories about the history of their little garden! She certainly loves all the colors gnature provides and each rock layer has a different color and look to it. Gnot only does she work hard, but she also tries to learn more and more every day, all the while making it look so fun! With enthusiasm like that, I'm sure this lady will go far!

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