Thursday, May 10, 2012

Somegnome to Look Up To

I do believe this little lady may be one of the most adorable gnomelings in the entire garden. She is such a loving and energetic gnomeling! She has so much personality that she keeps all her loved ones around her laughing. Though she loves to play in the mud as much as the gnext gnomeling, she insists on doing so in style. She wants to wear her tutu, tiara and sparkles like a proper princess, even when making such a mess. She loves to sing and dance and has been practicing every day. Why? Oh! She is so excited! She is gnow a big sister and that title comes with lots of responsibility! She has been practicing how to be a big helper with the gnew baby, and one of her most important duties is to provide his entertainment. Hence the need to practice practice practice. I'm gnot concerned about it though, because I can already see that she is going to be such a loving sister, even even one day a loving mother. With a big sister like her to look up to, this gnew tiny soul is bound to be filled with warm fuzzy feelings of love and laughter. Words can gnot express how excited I am knowing that our little family is gnow complete. Giggles and all.

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