Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bluegrass Banjo

As for this gnome, he has always played the guitar but picked up a banjo four seasons ago and knew in an instant that he loved the gnew instrument. He has even decided to start making them himself so that he can spread the love of banjos across the garden. Gnow he plays both guitar and banjo, but it's so hard to define which song he plays with which instrument! He has so many favorite songs that if you asked him which he likes the best he would just say that it changes from week to week. His favorites and mine differ but together we play and sing Bluegrass, Folk and traditional Gnomish music. Our music fills the garden air with such sweet emotions that all the gnomes within hearing distance can't help but stop what they're doing and listen. The words to the songs might not always be happy, but they're filled with powerful reminders that life is beautiful. Since he has been playing for so long, those in the gnome community come to understand that his music seems to fit with the garden just as the flowers and the grass do. Everygnome loves when they feel a slight breeze blow past them because they know that with it carries the sounds from his guitar or banjo. Which will it be tonight? They close their eyes for just a moment with silent anticipation and wait for the music to fill their soul...

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