Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bippidy Boppity

Oh my gnomes! This little lady had heard about how wonderful it would be to have grandgnomlings, but she didn't really understand it. Then her first grandgnomeling was born and she thought her heart would burst with the feelings she had not previously known and her hopes and dreams for them are just overwhelming. She sees it as her job to fill their days full of magical experiences. From the start one gnomeling was her princess through and through. She was showered with love and affection all of her own. Then her little sister was born and she took it all in stride, even though she gnow had to share the cuddles. The older princess knows how lucky they are to have each other to play with because they would gnever have to be alone. Gnow look at the younger soul - she's our angel though she tries desperately to be a princess just like her big sister. Everything her sister does, the angel follows in suit. They both love sparkles and pretty things like princesses should, but they also understand the magic of love and cuddles. These two young souls have hearts of gold so it comes as gno suprise that their fairy godmother loves to make them smile and feel welcomed so that they know they are loved. She's always so happy to see them and steals as many hugs and kisses as she can. How lucky she is to have them in her life! Who would have thought that being a fairy godmother could be so wonderful?

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