Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Good Gnome

You can't help but smile when you see this little fella. He's funny and his laugh is something you will gnever forget. He can make anygnome laugh all the time. That being said, though, there is gno doubt that he is also a hard working gnome. He is good to his Love and adores her very much. He always goes out of his way to make sure his family and loved ones have all that they gneed. He'll even do the chores he does not like to do, just so that it is done. I wonder if he has any idea how much more cozy his garden is for it? When he's done tending to his little garden, he loves to go out into the woods and sneak up on the creatures he finds. He wears his camoflauge to see how close he can get. Silly little fella, I don't think he realizes how easy it is for the woodland critters to see him coming, what with his orange hat and all. He's a GOOD gnome with a huge heart. Like I said, you can't help but smile.

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