Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Hoot

This little lady has always liked cherry blossoms. She has a weeping cherry tree in her corner of the garden and it is one of the first things that blooms in the spring time. Every year, after a long and cold winter, she looks forward to the little pink and white blossoms, and when they finally make their happy debut she can't help but do a little dance. Spring time is here! It doesn't last long but the tree is so pretty when it's in bloom! Her love for cherry blossoms doesn't stop with the turning of the seasons, oh gno! It seems that cherry blossoms are a theme that cover every aspect of this little one's life. When a fuzzy owl decides to join her in her beloved tree, she's all too happy to welcome him in. After all, she has always loved the fuzzy creatures. Without any gnomelings of her own, she has always considered them to be her little furkids. And when each one decides to move on, she finds herself laying under her tree looking up at their stars through her cherry blossoms. Though they are missed, the cherry blossom hoot from the branches above reminds her that life is good.

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