Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's in a kindred spirit?

I'm sure everygnome has their own definition for what a kindred spirit is. Perhaps they think of somegnome who likes to be outdoors listening to the birds sing? Or maybe they have in mind somegnome who laughs at every little joke they say? Sometimes a kindred spirit is simply somegnome who would rather spend 5 minutes with you than be anywhere else in the entire garden. Personally, the gnomes in my garden have met a few kindred spirits, and though there was an instant connection with each, it is all for different reasons. Take this silly little monkey, for example... What a treasure her friendship has become! Right from the start, it was obvious that she loves to encourage the young gnomelings to laugh and play. Not only has she tried to go out of her way to give a wonderful gift as a snuggle buddy to keep a young gnomeling in gneed feel safe and warm, but she has done so on so many occasions. It seems that she understands that every young soul deserves to be warm and fuzzy and to feel loved. It's that amazing love for the young ones and her generous gnature that told the gnomes that this monkey fits right into our garden. A kindred spirit indeed, and a friendship that is sure to last season upon season!

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  1. She is beautiful and her story is delightful. Thanks for sharing. As I've said before and say again. It's always such a treat to be able to visit and spend such an enjoyable time looking at the gorgeous gnomes and chuckle with delight at the charming tales that you create.