Monday, April 9, 2012

The Ice Dragon

I know a boy who is super inquisitive and bright. He has a great smile and a sense of humor to match, knowing just when to be serious even though he loves to be so silly. He likes to not only explore, but also understand the garden around him. He loves science with a bit of adventure and fantasy. I suppose it goes without saying that dragons fit right into his corner of the garden. Dragons are easy to like because they have magical powers. Their different colors represent different types of power. White tones (the boy's favorite color) hold the power of ice and snow, and with that power the dragon protects his castle and the magical land it looks down upon. Personally, I'd like to be under the protection of an ice dragon. He's a lucky boy, that one... but the garden is even luckier for the magic his inquisitive mind brings to it.


  1. what a dashing dragon. Absolutely brilliant.

  2. This dragon gnome is a darling. Love his wings and the scales along is tail.