Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Daughter

My daughter is VERY friendly and such a social butterfly who will talk to anygnome anywhere. In face, she'll run right up to other gnomes and say "Come to my house soon!" She means it every time. It seems that this little butterfly of mine is always on the go. She loves to garden, chasing butterflies, watching rainbows, climbing trees and even swimming. The silly little gnomeling loves to put make-up on herself and even on her Mummy. It would make you giggle if you saw, because it more resembles war paint than anything else, but one look at her eyes and you just KNOW that she is proud to show the gnome community how pretty her Mummy is. Oh the things we do for our gnomelings! My daughter and I, we do everything together, but most dear to my heart are the times when we are baking, watching movies or even simple moments like sitting down and reading books and playing board games. She is very cuddly and loving before we say "Gnight Gnight" and we always give each other love hearts before closing our eyes to sleep. To say my daughter is the light of my life just doesn't give her enough credit. As for myself, I just love her.

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