Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Tooth Fairy

Meet the Sweet Tooth Fairy. She smells like rich hot chocolate and is squishy like a marshmallow. Everygnome knows she loves chocolate, ice cream and any other sweet yummy thing that comes to mind. Like myself, she has small stashes of candy and sweets set aside for those must have moments, though she'll happily share if she comes across somegnome else in gneed of a sweet lil' pick me up! Sometimes this sweet soul can be a little gnaughty and takes gnibbles from kids' chocolate when they are sleeping. After all, it certainly couldn't be Mommy who ate it! Her favorite challenge is to catch you when you least expect it - after dinner when your tummy is full to the brim. Somehow she still manages to cast her little spell and entice you to finish your meal with a little something sweet. I wouldn't be surprised if she's even responsible for stitching your clothes just a little bit tighter! Some might say she is a menace to dieters across the entire garden, but nognome can resist her charm. I must admit, the Sweet Tooth Fairy visits me more often than she should. She will get us all eventually.... chocolate anyone?

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