Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ellie's Garden

There's a tiny little corner in the garden that, upon first glance, seems typical enough. There is a girl who lives in this corner and she dreams her pretty dreams, snuggled up gnext to a good cuddle buddy, and reads her books about pirates, fairies or dragons. She gives her sister plenty of hugs and always has a supply of little friends waiting to see what types of adventures she has in store for them today. At first glance, this little corner appears like a typical child's room, but take a moment or two and you'll see that it is touched by magic. This corner is touched by Ellie's imagination. Welcome to Ellie's garden - where inside every tulip, daffodil or bluebell lives a little gnome. Everyday is kissed by a shower of sunshine rain and the entire community is out enjoying the dance. Dew drops glisten like diamonds and happy thoughts are the only form of currency. A good hug is just a small hike down the path to the gnearest gneighbor, and a friendly thought is all it takes to put a smile on a gnome's face. Only time will tell what kind of adventures are in store for those living in this wonderful little garden, but with an imagination like Ellie's, I'm sure they can inspire many books to come!


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  2. Another gorgeous gnome together with a delightfully creative dialogue.
    Thanks for sharing them both.