Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tiny Treasure Keeper

I would like you to meet a very special friend. I have given her the most important job that comes to mind. She is your new Treasure Keeper! She may gnot look big and tough to you, but I can assure you she is perfect for the job! Here's how it works... First go find an adventure, or let an adventure find you, then decide what plain looking items you find are holding a bit of magic inside. Whether it be a small rock, button, twig, bead, coin or even a jingle bell, it's up to you to decide which treasures are worth keeping. There is only one rule about deciding which items are worth more than they appear, and that is this: they must put a smile on your face and give your tummy warm happy thoughts. Perhaps your favorite small photo will do? Once you have found your happy thoughts, give them to your Treasure Keeper and she will be sure to guard them and keep them safe. And that's gnot all, gno siree! She happens to be great at keeping gnightmares away and always has a little cuddle in store if you ever gneed your bucket refilled. Sounds like the perfect tiny friend to me! Let the treasure hunting begin!

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  1. Beautiful colour combination and truly exquisite embellishments.