Monday, April 23, 2012

Tiny Expectations

For such small souls, gnomes sure do have tiny expectations that come with great big potentials! This gnomette, for example, thought for sure she was seeing pink in her future, only to discover that it's another shade of blue. She may gnever know the feeling of shopping for pretty bows or shoes, or teaching her daughter what colors to wear on those special occasions that require just a little extra prettiness. She may not share little whispers of secrets about boys and daydreams, but I assure you this is because she has been given an equally important task of teaching her boys how to become the grown gnomes they're capable of becoming. This is a big task and the responsibility is great - gnot only does this mean encouraging the young gnomelings to reach for the stars and catch them, but also teaching them to treat other gnomes with respect and compassion. She will teach them to find that tiny place that within every gnome's soul which they gneed to fall in love with their special one. They're going to gneed to treat her like the princess she is sure to be. Of course, they'll learn to gnever forget Mother's Day and always have a hug ready for every gnomette in their life. It may sound like a challenge to you and me, but this little lady makes it look easy. Sure she might have thought there was pink in her future, but this gnew shade of blue was just what her little family gneeded. Gnow her family is complete and she's more than honored to be the one to teach her boys how to express all the potential they have stored in their tiny bodies.

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