Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home is Where the Heart is

Everygnome has heard the saying "Home is where the heart is," and this tiny soul was gno exception. Ever since she was a tiny gnomeling, she looked forward to having a tiny place in the garden to call her own. She has spent many seasons looking for the perfect home. Silly girl. Instead of looking for comfy little gnook that makes her feel warm and fuzzy, she took the saying quite literally. Around the garden she would go, searching and searching for a heart. After all, THAT'S where her home would be because that's what she was told. She looked in the fields of grass - no heart, though she did find shelter under a happy dandelion. She looked in the forests of flowers - no heart, though she did love the scents that filled the air. She even looked along the creek side - no heart, though she did love the sounds of the bubbling water. A little disheartened, she sat down against a tree trunk and sighed. It wasn't long before the songs that the birds sang from the branches above her filled her heart and put a smile on her face. "What a wonderfully perfect place," thought the little gnome. Then suddenly, a gust of wind came and she found herself covered by a leaf that had fallen from the tree. Shaking it off, she couldn't believe what she saw! A heart! She found it! At last, she found her home!

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  1. Jennifer you are AMAZING with out doubt. What an wonderful tale. I do hope that one day you will put your amazing stories down on paper. I'm sure people would buy them.
    Warmest best wishes,