Friday, April 20, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Look at this little lady sitting pretty on top of her squishy mushroom perch! Doesn't she look happy? Of course she does, and who can blame her? Her life is filled with lots of warm and fuzzy softness that she can't help but smile. Here is a soul who brings so much beauty into the garden through her colorful quilted creations, each warm and snuggly and filled with love. She attends many groups both by the ocean and up in the apple woods to interact with other gnomettes who quilt. She loves to volunteer her time and talents to share her creations and has made everything from quilts and teddy bears to give to those in gneed. We're so blessed to be able to have dozens of her beautiful creations to add warmth to our quaint farmhouse, each one filled with happy thoughts. She sits pretty on her perch, thinking of the gnext thing she'll quilt her love into. She is so very talented and so very willing to make these gorgeous warm fuzzies to show the love she has for her family. Like I said, it's gno wonder she looks so happy. Everything she creates is filled with love and warm happy wishes.

1 comment:

  1. What a cutie she is, she looks adorable sitting on the squishy mushroom. I'm sooooo sorry not to have been keeping up with all of your lovely creations lately. It's been busy busy busy here lately. I'm hoping that as it's half term hols for two weeks now. that maybe things will be a little less hectic so that I'll have time to be able to leave comments rather than just look at your gorgeous gnomes.
    Warmest best wishes,