Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shabby Chic

What is there to say about this gnomette? I think plenty. She loves loves loves all things shabby chic and gets all giddy at the idea of mixing vintage papers with bits of laces and old buttons or buckles that she finds in the garden. Every time she finds a little bits like that, she finds it so difficult to believe that any soul would ever lose such a treasure. Once she collects all her findings, she can't help but do a little happy dance just thinking of all the pretty things she will make from them! On her way home, she can't help but stop to look old stone workshop in the garden - someday she's going to fix it up all gnice and pretty like so that she has a cozy place to teach other gnomes her special secret to turning old junk into beautiful creations, treasured by many. But for now, she continues on her way, all the while filling her little head with great big plans for when that day comes. She has so much to do to prepare, and so many ideas for gnew projects that she simply can gnot keep still. It seems that this little lady always has a little bounce in her step, and seeing the smiles that her little creations bring to somegnome's face... well I can see why she's so excited. Good luck, little lady!


  1. Hi Jennifer, I cannot believe my eyes. This little gnomette is AMAZING, ADORABLEY CUTE, BEAUTIFUL,and so so PRETTY. She is way more GORGEOUS than I could have dreamed of. Her tale brought tears of delight to my eyes. You are truly the most amazing lady and creater of gmones ever.

  2. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH. Sorry that this has become two posts, Mrs Muddlhead was sooooo excited that I wasn't concentrating properly and I pressed publish before I said THANK YOU.
    Warmets best wishes,