Saturday, April 21, 2012


It might take you by surprise to hear that this little gnomette loves to play games with elves and goblins. She is so good at gaming that it seems she can always out-play any soul who dares to challenge her. She's even been known to play with a few trolls (cute ones, of course) from time to time and happens to be in love with an orc! You can imagine the gossip that leads to! But her favorite is definitely Myoha the tauren. Myoha teaches this little lady how to use the balance of gnature to bring peace to the land. If you saw her in the garden, going about her typical day, you'd gnotice that she lives life much the same. Somehow she manages to balance her garden duties with the tasks that make her smile, all the while she always gives priority to her family. How does she make it look so easy? She's so good at all of it! This little gnomette can always surprise others with her brilliant craft and paintings. It's so apparent that she takes extra time and consideration to bring forth a variety of handmade creations, each instantly becoming a treasure for a loved one. Caring, compassionate and always ready to be a friend and a mom... this gnomette is a blessing to all those around her and brings balance to their lives as well!


  1. What a weeeeee sweeeeeeetie this gnomette is. Her face is so coy and she's very pretty too.

  2. Thank you, Su. My cousin made this one too... She'll be thrilled with your comment.

  3. Thank you! Your comment means a lot!

    <3 Phoe-Gnix