Monday, April 16, 2012

Tiny Reminders

Everygnome in the community gneeds to find THEIR place in the garden. This goes beyond the relatively easy task of finding a gnice cozy gnook to call home, it also means they gneed to understand their role in making the garden a prettier place. Some gnomes decide to paint beautiful pictures while others help loved ones any chance they get. Some gnomes make the garden better by building cozy gnests and others invent gnew ways to get work done. There are so many options that it's gnot an easy decision to make, gno matter the gnome, but look at this itty bitty tiny little soul. She's so much smaller than most gnomes (and that says a lot), that she can't help but wonder what difference she can make. Shyly she sits quietly watching others go about their daily duties. She smiles at how productive they look. Much to her surprise, the busy souls can't help but pause and smile for a moment when they gnotice how cute she is standing there so innocently. Giving busy souls a tiny reminder to pause for a moment and smile? That sounds like one of the best ways to make the garden a better place EVER!!!

1 comment:

  1. How teeny tiny is she and it's gno wonder folk pause and smile when they gnotice her. If small is beautiful then surely teeny tiny is terrific wouldn't you say