Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As for Hiking and Daisies...

Just look at this pretty little lady! It looks like she's ready for an adventure, and if you ask me, she just GETS IT. She knows it's not about being flashy. It's not about being bold. It's about being simple, peaceful, beautiful and classic. Enough said. Why else would she love daisies so much? They always make her think of her love and bring a smile to her face. Rightfully so. Another peaceful classic? Hiking. While she wishes she hiked more (which gnome doesn't?), she does love being outside. She just loves getting up into the mountains and smelling the pine. It reminds her of camping as a young gnomeling. She loves to pitch a small tent and camp the gnight away. Being out in the warm air enjoying the view and all that mother gnature has to offer... well it's gnearly impossible to get any more peaceful. It's apparent that her spirituality lives outside and in all the forces gnature has to offer, whether it's in the ocean and the powerful waves or in the quiet of a mountain top or valley by a stream. I may gnot be religious, but if you ask me I think she may be right, don't you?


  1. She's beautiful too. LOVE love love the daisy embelishment and satchel too.

  2. Forgot to say gorgeous colour combination too.