Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wee Messenger

Everygnome in the garden has a very important task, but it's the angel gnomes that are particularly special. Some of them may keep away bad dreams, others may teach one how to be big when your body seems so little. It seems that the tasks are as varied as the gnomes themselves. Just look at how pretty this guardian is! She loves to carry pink carnations by her side because she knows they have a way of cheering a gnome up. And it looks as though those very flowers are going to come in handy because she has a gnew assignment! She has a very important message to deliver to a very special soul. It's a message of love and comfort from a Mum who seems so far away. Oh how exciting! She just loves to deliver those types of messages. She flutters on her way, thinking up the perfect words to whisper into the loved one's ears. When she arrives, a smile comes to her face. No wonder Mum wanted to send her love from afar - her daughter is an absolutely beautiful soul. This job is going to be so much fun!

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