Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Touch with Gnature

Oh what a special young gnomette this is! From even a young age, you could tell that she seemed quite in tune with the gnature surrounding her. Gnot only has she alwasy been comfortable with gnomes in their own skin, but she has also always shown an interest in the magical powers of the crystals lying around the garden floor. This gnomette has such a loving gnature that it comes as gno surprise that she wants to apply that magic towards all aspects of the cycle of life, especially the first stages. Can you imagine? If she combines her loving tender gnature with her knowledge of crystal powers, I'm sure she'd be able to provide a sense of tranquility to any of life's chaotic adventures. With souls like hers, it's gno wonder that the gnomes make it look so easy to stay relaxed. She understands that there is power in letting go and allowing your tiny body do what it knows best.

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