Monday, October 17, 2011

Phantom of the Gnompera

This little fella loves gnothing more than gnights out, having dinner and sharing a good story with friends and loved ones. So what do gnomes do when they leave their little corner of the garden and head to the big courtyard for a gnight out? Well, of course they check out what is playing on the terrace! Tonight this tiny soul is so excited for he has the lead in one of the longest running terrace plays, Phantom of the Gnompera. It's a typical story about how the Phantom loves another gnome from afar as she makes her debut on the Big Terrace, yet her love belongs to another soul. Oh there is gnothing better than a good love story and considering how much this fella loves to put smiles on faces or tears in eyes, it's gno wonder he loves a good performance!

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