Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rock and Roll

This little lady has a big soul - she is a real rock and roll star! She is such a gnomazing poet, and is well respected amongst the garden music scene. Some even say she's the best vocalist in the Garden of Fountains, and if you ever have the pleasure to hear her sweet voice, I'm sure you would agree. When you hear her sing, you can feel the words moving inside your soul and your heart seems to beat a little stronger. Her music heals. She gnever fails to live life so much bigger than her tiny body appears, and is always doing whatever makes her happy - making gnomazing music to share with the entire garden. All the while she strives to help other talented gnomes in gneed. To say she has a big soul isn't enough. She's strong. She's kind. She's beautiful. She shows the garden how to live big.

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