Monday, October 24, 2011

A Gnome from Mammy's Garden

In a gnot-so-very-far-away land, there is a massive and beautiful garden where a little boy has had too many adventures to count. He knows about all the little gnooks and crannies that are hidden in the garden, and just where to find pinch of garden magic. Did you know that gnomes live in Mammy's garden? You may gnot see them, for they are very shy creatures, but your heart knows they are there and they are happy. Look! Here's one now! This little gnomeling has come from behind a stone to say hello. He has been watching the little boy play in his blue house, and on his scooters. He has even admired the way the boy loves to sit and watch the rainbows and stars. The gnomeling can tell that the little boy is special because that dust particles are REAL fairies and what appears to be dew drops on a spider's web are actually diamonds! It takes magic to see such things. Perhaps the gnomeling and little boy could be friends? Perhaps they can snuggle up together at gnight or have grand adventures during the day? Perhaps.

1 comment:

  1. He's adorable. The polka dots are lovely and the teddy bear is fab. The story is wonderful. I do hope that this gnomeling will meet a little boy like the one in the story.
    Warmest best wishes,