Friday, October 21, 2011

Harmoniously Tangled

Meet Harmoni. With her own gnomelings growing up and leaving the gnest, she has recently found herself wondering who she was and how she was going to spend her time. Spend even a moment with her, and you'll know the answer to at least one of those two questions. Harmoni is a beautiful soul who tries to make the garden a prettier place with her kind and supportive friendship. As for what she will do with her time? It turns out that she recently found a love in with the art of wire working. There is something beautiful about a silver wire tangled harmoniously into a beautiful piece of art. Harmoni just adores weaving and looping wire upon itself! It's so much fun and the look on a gnome's face when they see the unique creations she is able to come up with makes it all the more worthwhile. Now she is determined to make a creation that really sets Harmoniously Tangled apart. Personally, I think she has already done it, don't you?

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