Monday, October 3, 2011

Wee Gnymph

With beautiful blue eyes like the Caribbean Sea, this tiny gnymph of a gnome flies quickly to any of her loved gnomes in time of gneed. Her special talent is covering them with her love, comfort and words of wisdom whenever words are gneeded. Those who love her the most, have always known her to be the "go to" gnome, as her home and heart have always been open to anygnome in gneed. Whether it be for food, shelter, comfort or just a place to laugh until you cry, this wee gnymph gnever seems far away. It almost seems as though she knows what you gneed even before you do! A loved one may find herself a little lonely in a far away garden and then BAM! At that very moment, there would be a gnote filled with encouragement and love, almost as though she just KNEW. Gno matter how a gnome might search the dictionary through and through, I do gnot think it would be possible to find the words to describe the magic that she has on her family and those around her. For such a fluttering, lively gnome, this gnymph sure knows exactly where to focus her love an energy and it's simply gnot possible for her to be loved any more than she already is.

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