Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Caped Gardener

If one day you were to meet this young gnome in the garden, you'd think he was quite a laid back gnomeling. He's got such a gentle gnature to him and is so easy to get along with. He loves to play his games and build grand items with small building blocks. You'd think he was a pretty gnomazing gnome, but you would have no idea just HOW gnomazing he can be. It might take you by surprise what this gnomeling really loves to do. By gnight, he transforms into the Caped Gardener, always searching for ways to help others in gneed. The "Dark Knome" is what the gnome community calls him, for they do gnot know his true identity. So, yes, it might surprise you to know that this quiet gnomeling loves to venture out in disguise to help others anyway he can, but then again, perhaps it is gno surprise at all. He has always been that way.

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