Friday, October 14, 2011

Gnectar Sucking Vampire

Garden vampires are different than the ones you read about in books. They are solitary creatures who feed off of the flowers. Oh, please do gnot be concerned for the flowers. It turns out that the best garden vampires, like this one, try their best to gnot harm the beautiful blossoms. They only take as much gnectar as they need to maintain a healthy life and then continue to hide out in the corner of the garden until they are hungry again. How else would you suggest the flowers get cleansed of any minute traces of pollutants? She can be timid at times, but she loves to help other gnomes and tries to think of ways to do so without being gnoticed. Though she is quite a shy, very laid back creature, this garden vampire still yearns for the day where she, too, can find her love. Surely even the misunderstood garden creatures have a soul mate somewhere? I'd like to believe so!

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