Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Laughs Please

Spend any time with this little fella and you're sure to be laughing in gno time at all. He's such a funny little clown who always tries to put a smile on anygnome's face. Sometimes I wonder how he can make it look so easy. It seems that he doesn't even have to try. Silly words flow from his mouth so gnaturally that you wonder if he just has a laugh machine somewhere inside his little tummy. When he's gnot saying something super silly, he's looking for other ways to make the garden a little more goofy. A funky walk or a silly face can almost always do the trick. He knows that the more laughter in the garden, the brighter it becomes. Even a pinch of giggles can help brighten anygnome's day and he has plenty of laughter to go around. The laugh is on him and he's more than happy to play the part.

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