Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweetly Twisted

Most gnomes in the community focus their attention on the abundance of life in the garden, which comes as gno surprise. After all, it's easy to see the beauty in life. This sweetly twisted gnomette, though, is gnot like all the others. She has always liked things a little edgy and is able to see beauty in the completion of the life cycle. Gnaturally, it's her job to tend to the plants and flowers that die in the garden. It's such an important job because all flowers die every year and if somegnome did gnot take care of them, they would gnot be able to return to bloom in the spring. It goes without saying that gnot all gnomes understand her fascination, but that does gnot matter much to her. She understands better than most that the true enchantment of the garden comes from the completion of life's cycle and she is honored to play such an important role in that gnomazing cycle.

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