Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keeper of the Sweets

This sweet little thing may very well have the best job in the entire garden. He is in charge of candy maintenance. Whether it be gum drops, peppermints, hard candies, soft candies, lollipops or even an occasional lemon drop and pixie stick, he keeps a strict record of sugar management within the gnome community. Divvying out just the right amount of sweet treats is not an easy feat. Most gnomes would jump in and eat every piece of candy or cookie crumb if they had the chance. That's why his job is so important. He always seems to know just the right amount of sugar for any occasion, and he has a talent for picking out the perfect type of candy if a gnome gneeds a bit of cheer from a particularly gloomy day. Need a sprinkle or two of joy? I'm sure he has one or two in his stash.

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