Friday, February 4, 2011

Gnomper Bowl XLV

Not very many people know this, but gnomes have a competitive side too. Sure, most of the time they're friendly, cheerful little beings that lift your spirits, but they also understand that sometimes it's the team spirit that deserves lifting. And nognome knows that better than these two little fellas. They have been waiting all season for this day! It's Gnomper Bowl Sunday! Gnome communities from all around the garden pull together their best teams to play berry ball - a game of strength, agility and strategy, and a favorite sport amongst many gnomes. All season long the teams work and play hard but it comes down to this day, the day when the two best teams (the Peach Pit Steelers and the Bay Leaf Packers) face-off. And of course these two guys are ready to cheer their teams on! Who will win? We will all know in just 60 minutes (that's berry ball minutes, mind you)!

I'm making it a point to post my gnomes in the order of which I made them, but I figured that in honor of this weekend's big game, today would be a good day to make an exception to that rule. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. Oh, how adorable! You do great work! Love it!

  2. Adorable. I usually save that description for your kids, but it fits here, too.

  3. Thanks, guys! I love the way these turned out.

  4. Each and every one of your tales that I have read so far are absolutely adorable just like your gnomes.