Monday, January 7, 2013

Top of the Flower Bunch

If you are lucky enough to live in the same corner of the garden as this Flowery Miss, then I am jealous. Gnever before has the garden known a soul who is quite as vivacious (yes, that's a BIG word for somegnome as tiny as she) and spunky! She sure does stand out from all the other flowers in the garden. She has a great imagination as well and can pretend worlds of color you would gnot believe. She loves filling the garden with art and telling stories. She presents each masterpiece and fairytale with such excitement that all those around can't help but smile. That's why she's loved by all who know her - she is so enthusiastic about live and her ideas. One of the elders asks her "Why is hugging so important?" Of course she jumps to her feet first and gestures wildly before any words come out! "Because we're gnature gnomes, of course! When we gnuzzle together, two gnomes fall in love and have gnomelings." After a brief moment, she feels compelled to explain "I really wanted to say that because I like my mom and dad." Go ahead and giggle. It's ok. At least she knows how important love is, and that's a wise thing to know.

Coloring contest submission by Sam (age 5).

Samantha comes from a combination of Samual and Anthea. Anthea means "Flowery."

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