Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tiny Angel

Some may say this tiny soul got her wings much too soon but that hasn't stopped her from having as much fun as she possibly can. When she used to glide down the tallest slide in the playground, you can be sure she now slides down every rainbow in the sky she can find. Her loved ones remember how her eyes twinkled when she laughed. Now she twinkles in the night sky, just as bright as before. She was always so proud of herself for running faster and faster, fastest of all! Now she flutters across the sky faster than before. Sometimes she misses her loved ones and swoops down to see them. Though she wishes she could give them one of her trademarked big squeezes, she can't help but smile at the look of confusion they get after she buzzes by them. With a tiny giggle, she does it again. She's so fast that they can't see her! With another giggle, she swoops down once more. There's what she was looking for! A smile! Oh that feels good. Now off to go play some more. She sure does love her new set of wings!

In memory of the children lost during the Newton, Connecticut shooting. My heart goes out to those who were affected by such an act of sadness.

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