Saturday, January 12, 2013

Elf Ruler

In a distant corner of the garden there lived a particularly special princess fairy. Because she was so special, she held one of the highest positions in the Gnomish community. She was the Elf Ruler. Gnot many souls get chosen for such an honor. In order to be an Elf Ruler, one must always be upbeat and happy. One must be whimsical and full of laughter. She must make her loved ones smile often by always finding the fun in everything she does. An Elf Ruler approaches everything she does with lots of energy, happiness and drive. This must be true for everything from making music to dancing a giddy jig to helping clean up the garden. Yes, the standards are high, but of course they are! How else would an Elf Ruler be able to keep up with all the crazy happenings that elves are known for? And Elves are gnotorious for asking to hear crazy stories or what gnots, so it's a good thing she's also such a chatterbox (though technically that's gnot in the job description). Perhaps one day she'll even be a commentator in the local Elfish-Gnomish Games that happen every spring! Gno doubt both Gnomish and Elfish communities are blessed to have her in their lives!

Coloring contest submission by Avery (age 6).

The name Avery means "Elf Ruler."

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  1. LOVE her and Avery is going to flip!!! Thank you so much for making a child's imagination come true!!!