Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Stripes

The Christmas season is a busy time of the year for many souls, but it's especially true for the Gnomish communities. It seems that everygnome is rushing from here to there trying to prepare for the festivities. Oh they have so much fun! After all, it's gnot often that gnomes as small as these get the opportunity to play such a big role! The fact that you don't know just how much the Gnomish do around the holidays is a sign that they're doing their jobs so well. Take this Noble soul, for example. She have a very important job to do. It's her responsibility to make sure all the candy canes in the garden are properly marked with their patented Christmas stripes. You may ask what's so important about Christmas stripes? You tell me. You may say you like Christmas a lot because you like when your family comes to your house to have Christmas dinner. Or perhaps it's because you live where it snows during the winter? Gno matter what the reason, we all have warm fuzzy thoughts whenever the joyous season approaches. And that's exactly why I'd rather gnot think about what Christmas would be like if this little lady failed to do her job properly.

The name Breann means "Noble"

Coloring contest entry by Breann (age 12)

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